Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My favorite blushes for fall!!

My favorite season is fall and I am sure so many ladies feel the same way! That's when the cute scarfs and stylish boots come out from the closet. Everything changes for me including my makeup.

Blush for me is something that I need to include in my makeup routine no matter the occasion. There are bright colors for summer and warm ones for the fall, for me anyways. I have so many blush products that I like but I have five particular ones that I wear the most. Of course I don't just restrict myself to only these ones but these are the ones I reach for the most.

They are in no particular order

Mac in  Sakura and PeachTwist
Wet N Wild in Pearlescent pink
Milani in Sweet Rose
Unknown brand in Congo (more like a bronze color with shimmer in it) The colors seem a bit off due to the lighting but these are gorgeous colors and I bought them all.

Michael Kors handbag!

What girl doesn't love handbags?  I own high and low end purses and they just bored so me quick. There are people that are shoes junkies well I am a handbag junkie. My husband new that I was just dying for a Michael Kors bag for a long time. So on Mothers Day he surprised me with this bag!

I am talking about my Michael Kors LG shoulder tote bag! I've had it for a while now and need to say I don't find the urge to buy other bags.The leather is so soft and I could carry as much or as little as I want and the bag just looks gorgeous!  It was a bit pricey but if you splurge on one good handbag that you just know you will use it all the time, than why not!